New Website
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WebSec Logo
WebSec Logo

We have worked the past months very hard on our website and finally WebSec is pleased to announce that we have released a fully new website with a complete new fresh look and logo.

What our logo means
The logo shows a 'W' character from from the word 'Websec and Web' with a shield on top for 'Security', together with the red color our new logo defines 'Offensive Web Application Security by WebSec'.

Our slogan
Next to our new logo we also have a new slogan 'Let us in, Keep them out!', which means 'By working with WebSec your protect yourself against all cyber threats' however we wont talk too much about the slogan today, more information will be available in next month's news update.

For now we would like to thank all of our clients who placed their trust in us to secure their systems as this new milestone would have not been possible without you!